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      From Teá, Designer of SeaGardens

      I have always been fond of succulents not only because they are incredibly easy to grow, but they are one of the least fussy plants out there and are remarkably strong despite imperfect conditions. Requiring very little care, succulents grow abundantly in my garden and it never ceases to amaze me how resilient they are in the ever-changing Bay Area climate. Not only do these beautiful plants come in a variety of shapes and colors, they are extremely self motivated to thrive. For these reasons, succulents have become my favorite plant on earth.

      The idea to place succulents in seashells came from my fascination with the many ways that these plants are being marketed today. With succulents traditionally being presented in wooden boxes, tin containers and ceramic pots, I knew that by planting them in something uniquely special, some form of magic would happen. This captivating interplay of land and sea created the “wow” factor that sets them apart from the ordinary.

      With my mom’s lifelong experience with plant care, Ikebana floral design and Bonsai instruction, I grew up watching her follow her heart by way of creative expression. My dad, a pioneer activist for the environmental movement, had an enthusiasm of his own. Diving in the ocean was his sanctuary of which he found so much joy in the natural beauty of the underwater world.

      To my surprise, I have adopted my parent’s passion for their own special interests and in turn, have transformed my abilities into the best of both worlds.