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      With just a little care and replenishment your SeaGarden will be very long lasting.
      • Succulents grow best and will maintain their color and health when given an ample amount of sunlight. Your SeaGarden is suitable for indoor or outdoor settings and will hold its color best if placed near a sunny window or occasionally set outside.
      • Use a spray bottle to lightly mist your SeaGarden once a week. Aim the spray near the base of the plants and try not to let water pool on top. Succulents do not like to be overwatered and tend to do better in dry conditions.
      • Gently pull away and remove any plant petals that may have dried up or discolored.
      • Trim any plant that has become overgrown or replace with another succulent. Should a planting become loose or fall out, simply place it back into the soil/moss mixture and it will reroot itself. Succulents do well by living compactly and will bring long lasting beauty. 
      Enjoy your living work of art!